The best way to master drums

In this article, we will be covering ways to master drums easily. Learning any instrument requires sheer determination,  hard work and the will to learn, it is the same when it comes to drums.

For the start, learn to listen well. While listening to music, identify the drums. Hear performances of other good drummers and create mental notes of the technicalities in the tracks. Learn to hold the drumstick properly. If you do this, in the long run, it will prove useful when you have to develop speed. Practicing strokes on the practice pad with both hands and eventually start playing some songs with someone capable of correcting you if you go wrong. When you have an urge to go fast, stop yourself. It is important to go slowly while learning.

To do so, you can learn drums in Singapore with Ossia Music School. Our skilled staff are here to solve your queries and clear your doubts and also train you in the style which you want to be trained in. We have flexible timings and assure individual attention to all our students.

Next, find people who are as passionate about drums as you are and have a discussion of techniques and of tracks which you should be trying out next. You should also have a teacher or mentor to help you have firm basics, because if the basics aren’t strong then it’s easy to lose grip. The most important thing is to practice. Practice every single day. If you truly want to master drumming then you should put your heart and soul into it and give it everything you have.

There are many websites which offer drum tutorials which contain videos of famous drummers either performing a track or explaining the technicalities of a particular track etc. There are also free online video libraries which offer courses for students based on their level. Other than these websites for video tutorials, you can always practice on mobile apps such as DrumKit, Drum Set etc. which provide a virtual drum to you on your phone. This makes it more convenient for you to practice, even if you are away from your drums. There are also many online groups, where you can meet many people who play drums and share your tacks to get feedback from others. You can also showcase your talent online by uploading videos online and gathering feedback from people all over the world.

The Various Benefits Associated With Playing The Guitar

There are various benefits associated with playing the guitar well. In fact, studies suggest that the brains of a guitar player work slightly differently as compared to others. You will be surprised to know that plenty of psychological evidence establishes this theory. When a guitarist read a sheet and learns to play new chords, new and unexplored neural pathways open up. It is said that a guitarist can retire his or her brain in a really positive way that results in different types of cognitive advantages. If you are interested to play the guitar, take a look at Ossia Guitar lessons at Check out some of the benefits of taking up guitar lesson in Singapore below:

Physical benefits

Learning to play guitar is regarded as excellent for physical health although you may experience sore fingers and calluses initially. As time passes, your wrists and hands are bound to become more flexible and stronger. These improvements are due to all the strumming and chord positions. The process is a constant one that can stretch your tendons and helps in building up your muscles. You can experience the same improvements in your shoulders and arm muscles.

Social benefits

You will agree that guitar is such a musical instrument, which can bring many people closer in a single group. It can connect crowd through soulful music. Its advocates will agree that view few musical instruments can unite people in the same way as a guitar. While pianos can do that also, guitars have an element of spontaneity in them. You can carry your guitar to a party and soon become the show stopper. You can start with some absent-minded and soulful chords to create the initial ambiance. Thereafter, you will soon find yourself bombarded with innumerable requests for new songs. Of course, you must also know how to sing to achieve this magical effect in the party.

Professional benefits

Social and personal advantages can also face a massive influence in your professional lives. Equipped with a new attitude, you can inculcate a can-do mentality on any challenging project in your office. When you could have mastered such a tough part of your favorite song within a couple of days, the spreadsheets in your office could be a cakewalk.

Personal benefits

When you get the right lessons in guitar and have the right kind of passion, you can reach a new level altogether. You could have started as a tentative and novice player, able to strum out a few chords within the comfort of your home to a real guitar player and become an overnight sensation. It is also possible to become a well-rounded person when you learn to play guitar. Your memory and concentration power can improve when you learn to create chord shapes and read the guitar tabs.

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