Hand-holding a child through the world of music

As parents we handhold our children through a lot of things and sometimes it’s a smooth ride and sometimes it is difficult, but parents are reputed not to give up. As parents its our duty to expose our children to a wide variety of things as this is very helpful to ascertain the inclinations and interests of our child. Handholding a child through music cannot be a very difficult task, as most children take to music like fish take to water. Let us go through the various ways we can hand hold our child through to music.

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1. It begins right from the womb.
A child needs to be introduced to music right when it is in the womb and the mother needs to regularly sing to the child and talk to the child. This will establish the communication between mother and the baby. Music will help to calm the child down and relax when it is agitated and anxious. Thus music can be introduced very early to the child right not only for entertainment purposes but also for development and relaxation. Don’t hesitate to sing to your child as hearing develops in the child in the first 3 months of pregnancy.

2. Singing a lullaby to a child is also music
A child is exposed to music from the very beginning when the mother sings him or her to sleep and this is how the child learns to recognize music and it is deeply ingrained in his or her conscience. Singing to your child is a very good thing to do as the child learns to recognize music from other activities and is interested by it and it makes her curious and inspires her to sing along as well.

3. When the child is a little older, she can listen to songs from various cultures and languages
There are various kinds of music which had enchanted people from all walks of life and this needs to be seen by children as well. Expose your child to various kinds of music ukelele class Singapore and keep talking about it to your child to give her a context to the kid of music she is listening. This will deepen her connection with music and she will take an active interest in music as well as its past and present.

Thus these are the ways to handhold your child to music.