About Us

What is GloobTV?

Every day our team of editors provides the best video picks from around the web, so you don’t have to trawl through all the crap. We believe that many sites offering web videos are now infested with so much garbage, that it’s becoming more difficult to enjoy the experience of good videos. We want to put the entertainment back into web video-watching.

We also feel that many sites have been inundated with unpleasant commenters, spammers and scumbags. Gloob wants to be different. We’ll police our stories so the low-life gets ejected.

Who are these Editors?

We have a team of about 25 reporters with experience in entertainment, the arts, media and news journalism.

Can I post videos?

Yes, via our forums you can post videos in response to the videos we post. Feel free to use video and text to make your arguments.

I have an opinion dammit!

Good. Register and post your opinions on our forums. (LINK TO REGISTRATION)

I really like GloobTV!

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How often do you update?

Around the clock. You can expect between 20 and 30 videos to be posted here every day.

Who publishes GloobTV?

Future US, based in South San Francisco.

How do I contact you?

Email gloob@gloob.tv