There hаvе been mаnу names uѕеd tо dеѕсribе pre nursery рrоgrаmѕ dеѕignеd fоr сhildrеn bеfоrе they еntеr ѕсhооl. Althоugh nо рrоgrаm iѕ purely оnе thing or аnоthеr, each type оf рrоgrаm hаѕ hiѕtоriсаllу emphasized a particular purpose аnd thаt рurроѕе can influеnсе decisions made by the teachers in thе program.

Dау Cаrе Cеntrеѕ: Day саrе сеntrеѕ have trаditiоnаllу served thе рurроѕе of сuѕtоdiаl саrе аnd have uѕеd by dual-working parents and ѕinglе раrеntѕ. These types оf еаrlу childhood рrоgrаmѕ аrе сеrtаinlу соnсеrnеd with сhildrеn’ѕ dеvеlорmеnt and lеаrning but their рrimаrу purpose has bееn to provide a place fоr young children tо bе when their раrеntѕ аrе unable tо care fоr them in thе home. In оrdеr to provide this service fоr раrеntѕ, dау care сеntrеѕ аrе usually thе type оf рrоgrаm thаt ореrаtеѕ for the most hоurѕ.

Pre Nurѕеrу Schools: Traditionally nurѕеrу ѕсhооlѕ hаvе fосuѕеd on the socio-emotional dеvеlорmеnt оf уоung children. Pаrеntѕ choose tо ѕеnd thеir сhildrеn to thiѕ tуре оf рrоgrаm ѕо thаt thеir сhildrеn wоuld hаvе the еxреriеnсе of рlауing and interacting with other children. Thеѕе intеrасtiоnѕ might thеn lеаd tо the children undеrѕtаnding thе importance of ѕhаring аnd cooperating.

Nursery ѕсhооlѕ were very оftеn раrt-timе рrоgrаmѕ with сhildrеn аttеnding fоr a few hоurѕ a dау. Prеѕсhооlѕ: Sоmе еаrlу сhildhооd education programs fосuѕ оn preparing сhildrеn for thе next level of ѕсhооling, fоr example kindergarten аnd the еаrlу еlеmеntаrу grades. Programs with thiѕ emphasis might organize their сurriсulа аrоund рrе-асаdеmiс аrеаѕ such as еаrlу litеrасу аnd numbеr readiness. Compensatory Eduсаtiоn Prоgrаmѕ. Thе fеdеrаllу supported early сhildhооd program, Head Start, iѕ perhaps thе most wеll-knоwn оf thiѕ type of рrоgrаm. Thеѕе рrоgrаmѕ are designed for young сhildrеn who аrе аt-riѕk fоr dеvеlорmеntаl iѕѕuеѕ аnd/оr роtеntiаl diffiсultiеѕ with school ѕuссеѕѕ. These iѕѕuеѕ can include thе effects of poverty, ѕреесh аnd language dеlауѕ, lеаrning diѕаbilitiеѕ, and gеnеrаl developmental dеlауѕ.

Thе сurriсulum аnd tеасhing аррrоасhеѕ оf соmреnѕаtоrу education рrоgrаmѕ are tаrgеtеd аt thе identified problems children mау bе experiencing. A preschool thаt buildѕ itѕ сurriсulum without аnу consideration for the еxресtаtiоnѕ of the kindеrgаrtеn the сhildrеn will bе аttеnding саn’t dо a very gооd job аt preparing сhildrеn fоr thеir nеxt lеvеl оf ѕсhооling. The nurѕеrу school thаt doesn’t build timе intо itѕ schedule fоr children’s playful intеrасtiоnѕ with еасh оthеr won’t rеаllу be fоѕtеring thе ѕосiаlizаtiоn оf thе сhildrеn. Gооd рrе-ѕсhооlѕ tеасh a сhild nоt only social ѕkillѕ аnd develop itѕ ability tо аdjuѕt in itѕ ѕосiаl еnvirоnmеnt but аlѕо tеасh it hоw tо deal with bulliеѕ. Your child may bе facing bulliеѕ in hiѕ рrеѕсhооl, but mау not be tеlling уоu аbоut it.

Find оut whеthеr your сhild iѕ hеѕitаnt to gо to school. Dоеѕ it trу and аvоid school. The reason соuld bе there iѕ a bullу аt thе ѕсhооl. Gооd pre-primary ѕсhооlѕ, еnѕurе thаt bulliеѕ are nоt ѕсаring other сhildrеn ѕо thаt they аvоid school. Pre-primary ѕсhооlѕ are also responsible fоr teaching social etiquettes to уоur child.

Some of thе group асtivitiеѕ invоlvе teaching mаnnеrѕ аnd etiquettes tо уоur сhild. The grоuр асtivitiеѕ thаt nurѕеrу ѕсhооlѕ соnduсt аrе whаt develop the complete реrѕоnаlitу оf уоur сhild. The сhildrеn mау bе tаkеn оn field trips, whеrе they аrе tаught thе imроrtаnсе of discipline. Thе сhildrеn аlѕо lеаrn tо еаt independently аnd many аrе аlѕо роttу trаinеd bу thiѕ age, ѕо they know how tо handle thеmѕеlvеѕ to аn extent. Prе-рrimаrу education is оnе mоrе step in thе grоwth оf уоur сhild.

Fоr уоur child tо grоw intо a hеаlthу, ѕосiаllу wеll-аdjuѕtеd сhild аnd individuаl, it iѕ еѕѕеntiаl thаt you ѕеnd him tо a gооd nurѕеrу ѕсhооl.  

Preschool Curriculum For Holistic Development

Over the past few decades, there has been a considerable emphasis on the value of education that children are fed. The old school of thought of constant coursework has changed phenomenally with additional avenues to improve childhood development. While the literacy skills and generic curriculum of knowledge remain on point, additional aspects also help the little ones develop in multiple ways. If you are looking for a preschool in Singapore, click here to find out more.

The concept of holistic learning is being introduced as it develops a childs unique ability to think out of the box. The objective is to ensure that the child grows emotionally, intellectually and physically through early classroom methods. Here are mission-driven curricula that help bring out the greatness of a young mind. As the little one is weaned from the parent he is taught about the balance in structure and authority aside from the parent. Through this simple method, the child gets used to a daily rhythm.

Age appropriate decisions like learning to be tolerant of her/his classmate become a learning experience in itself. S/he learns that s/he cannot demand something and expect it; s/he has to wait for her/his turn. The pedagogy includes the basics in the education stream right from simple mathematics where learning the numbers plays a vital role. Once children learn to count, they are taught to calculate simple problems though adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying. At this stage, the child cannot be expected to grasp more than the basics.

Learning to communicate by learning to read, write and speak becomes the norm, once children learn and understand the letters of the alphabet. Writing down the letters and drawing a similarity to something they understand like A is for apple, B for ball and so on and so forth. Voicing this out in class is also encouraged so that their communicative abilities are capitalized on, at the young age. Storytelling plays quite an important role at this stage. Introducing games through learning of science like counting the number of flowers in the garden. Learning to differentiate between animals and learning about the weather and climatic conditions. In fact, kids are quite receptive to learning with props. Bringing out the creative talent in a child is not always easy, especially for the introverts. With a bit of coaxing and not putting the kid on the spot, children recognize through example and imitation.

The best way is to start a simple exercise in the classroom, and with gentle guidance, the child will embrace this and work her/his way into getting the creative gene out in the open. Music has always been the best way to get kids to feel a sense of harmony in school. Through encouragement, the musicality of children is integrated so that they bring out their inner Celine Dion or Andrea Bocelli. Purposeful songs that have a rhyme will always get kids giddy with excitement and out of their shell.

Developing motor skills is encouraged through play outside the confines of the classroom. Kids can choose what interests them, be it coloring, painting, craft, playing or some form of exercise. Movement is very necessary so that their physical traits improve. A cookery session in the class on certain days of the week always gets kids excited. Learning how to create chocolates, fudge, cake or anything simple, is a great way to learn and socialize. This is where team effort plays a vital role as does sharing.

The objective of holistic learning is to foster a love for school and inculcate a taste for learning more than the usual. Many parents find this methodology ideal for their children, as they are not force-fed to keep on with incessant homework.

Benefits of Learning Mandarin

Mandarin is like a mother tongue to many countries mainly Singapore, Taiwan, and China. The language has a deep rooted history behind it. China is becoming the world’s second most emerging economy and its culture has also influenced many countries like Japan and Korea in terms of their languages and educational institutions. Apart from these many English speaking people live in China and other countries speaking Mandarin, thus for them learning Mandarin becomes important.

There are number of benefits of learning Mandarin and we will talk about them in this article. Read more about Mandarin classes and courses available in Singapore here.

Ability to communicate with over 1 billion people worldwide

Since Chinese is widely understood and spoken language all across the globe. In case you travel or even live at any place then you need to learn Chinese in any case because there is a possibility that you will end up meeting Chinese people. thus, in case you learn Mandarin you will be able to make ways with over 1 billion people and this number is expected to increase as well.

Great employment opportunities

If you can communicate to over 1 billion people, then you are also able to network with this number and explore new employment opportunities globally. Since China is becoming one of the greater economically strong country thus there is a probability that companies with Chinese background and Mandarin language would also be operating in most parts of the world. So if you learn Mandarin, you will not feel isolated or left out in this run of finding job.

Able to enjoy Chinese food

Learning Mandarin also allows one to enjoy Chinese food. If you are truly Chinese food lover then you need to check the menu of Chinese in different restaurants. There might be few places where menu is written in English, rest everything is in Chinese. So learn Mandarin and enjoy true Chinese food.

Learn to become successful in the world

China has good business opportunities in almost all parts of the world. Similarly, if you are interested in starting your business in China or export there or you intend to study or look for a job in China, then learning Mandarin becomes exceptionally important. It is true that all businesses tend to explore Chinese market while going to other markets globally. Learning Mandarin will get you a competitive advantage with greater opportunities.

Make friends easily

There has always been a tendency to learn and study in China. If you are expert in Mandarin, you will be able to better communicate with your college friends. In case you are working for some English company in China, you will be able to make better contacts with co-workers in China. It is all about communication. One is of course able to network better in the native language, when living in the host country.

Learn Mandarin and travel everywhere

Mandarin will not only help you in Singapore, it will also help you when travel at any corner of the world, be it China, Maldives, Singapore, Taiwan etc. Mandarin is considered an essential and official language in many countries and is easily understood and communicated. So you are able to meet and greet all kind of people worldwide.

The article depicts some benefits one can gain from learning Mandarin language. Since the world is becoming a global village, it is essential to learn other host country languages as well if one intends to become a successful individual the in future.

Toddler Classes and Online Learning for Young Children in Singapore

In the current situation of Covid-19, the overall dynamics of the world have changed. The impact is also on the schools and study pattern of kids. Parents of toddlers who planned to enroll their kids in best schools are also worried and looking for some online options to keep their kids busy and enhance their learning while staying home.

This article will share some of the online programs and classes for toddlers that are readily available in Singapore.

Make your own wonderland with Arts

If your child in interested in art and designs and look to draw different things, then e art classes are what you should look for. The live session which is comprised of 3 weeks is an excellent mean to learn different concepts of arts. They also get a chance to learn wet on dry as well as wet on wet techniques with the help of state of the art artists. The overall cost of the program also varies depending upon the concept learnt during this time. These courses are best suited for kids of age 5 years to 12 years old.

Learn lessons through Livestreaming

If you want to enrol your child in proper book learning, then live streaming is what you should be looking for. During current situation, these online centres are good means to keep kids aware of learning followed with worksheets to reinforce concepts. The questions and curriculum is as per the skill set of students and develop cognitive strengths of kids.

Music for Intelligent Minds

This program is specially designed to enhance overall brain activity. With the richness of music, kids of age 1 to 7 years explore and learn different activities involving drama, theatre, playing guitar, vocals, violin and other musical instruments. Such activities are good for encouraging brain functionality of kids.

Learn Coding Online

Online coding classes are also good means to learn technology and teaching behind coding animations and games. While staying home, kids get a chance to learn with live videoconferencing with talented and expert teachers and tutors.

Be Sporty while staying home

If your child is full of energy and you want to use that energy in healthy manner, then get them enrolled in online karate, rugby and basketball programs. These classes are not just for toddlers, your entire family can learn and play online.

Learn Different Languages at home

Language learning is always a fun activity for kids and elders. If you want your child to be multilingual, then get them admitted in online language learning courses and classes for toddlers. In Singapore, some renowned organizations are offering online special programs for learning different languages, like Chinese, English, Germans and French. Learning different languages increase the chances of interaction with variety of people and also enhance their overall skills and abilities.

There are different concepts and course being run by different organizations. In today’s situation of pandemic, no one is certain as what the overall world situation would be. It is not even sure as when schools will open and when kids will start going to school. Thus, online courses and schools are what people will be looking forward to for their toddlers in Singapore and all across the globe.

Best Enrichment Classes for Toddlers in Singapore

Are you tired of your busy schedule with your young one? Do you wish to have some me time, without having any guilt? Are you looking for some fun, yet learning activities to engage your kid, so he/she could enjoy while you get some respite? If answer to all these questions is yes and you are living in Singapore, then we have a solution for you.

Enrichment classes help kids and young children to learn different activities ranging from language classes to sports and swimming classes. In Singapore, many institutes are offering much affordable rates which are in the access of almost all families.

The Art Ground Workshops

The workshop of art ground is mainly for kids of age 2 to 12 years. Kids have the liberty to make their own craft of different sizes and shapes using coco peat, clay or seeds which are rolled up in the form of ball. Rolled up seeds can be brought back to home and grown to become a proper seedling. As far as charges are concerned, the session could be as affordably low as $20/ session. In case you are not fond of kids messing with sand, then some art ground also offer programs like theatre or music classes for kids.

Baby Sign Language Classes

Babies only have one tool for communication before they start speaking, i.e., crying. They cry when hungry, cry when poo, cry when want to sleep and cry when need anything. Thus, in the class of baby signs, babies learn to communicate using sign language. These classes are best for those mummies who want their toddlers to learn baby signs and thus communicate with them using those signs. These classes are best for kids of 6 months to 18 months. Normally $30/class is charge by many institutes in Singapore and the frequency of classes vary in every institute.

Yoga Classes for Toddlers and Mums

In case you don’t feel like leaving your toddler alone in the institute and also want to have some recreation along with the child, then mini glow yoga classes suit you best. These classes are suitable for toddlers as small as 4 weeks old. Both mum and a child can have session together and it’s not even expensive. Normally each session cost around $29.5 per class and class is one-hour long. Also total class sessions also vary, threshold is 10 classes in one session.

Multi Sports Classes for Toddlers

In case you want, your toddlers to be more into physical exercises like sports, then multi sports classes are good for them. The duration of these classes is 1 hour, in which kids of age 2 to 3 years can participate. The focus of these classes is on single sports activity, like soccer, cricket or rugby. It all depends in which sports you want, your child to get enrolled.

Sports, Art and Dance Classes for both Toddlers and Babies

There are consolidated sports, dance and art classes for both babies and mums. These sessions are designed in such a manner that both parents and kids can learn and enjoy together.

The article focused on some of the enrichment classes especially designed for Toddlers (and some for mums) in Singapore. It is all up to you as to which session is chosen for your child, keeping in view the budget and interests of your child.

Eye Opening Facts About Sensory Processing Disorder That You Probably Didn’t Know

According to a study that was conducted not too long ago, about 5%-16% of kids express signs of SPD. Research has also shown that the condition can affect basically anybody and is characterized by poor interpretation of sensory information. Over the years, extensive research has been done to find out the cause of the condition, but to no avail. Preliminary studies suggest that the condition is inherited and birth defect and a few other complications can result in it. 

If your kid has the condition, it is critical that you learn as much as you can about it. When you understand what the condition is about, it will be easy for you to narrow down an effective therapy to address it for good:

The following article by Spdstar sheds light on some important facts you probably didn’t know about sensory processing disorder. 

Understanding Sensory Processing Disorder

Sensory processing refers to the way the nervous system receives messages from the senses and turns them into responses. For those with Sensory Processing Disorder, sensory information goes into the brain but does not get organized into appropriate responses. Read more here

You are surely now abreast with some 10 facts about SPD. You also now know that we have more than five senses. If you want to learn some research-backed therapies to address SPD, then you should read the next article carefully, as it unveils some tried and tested therapies that can help you address the condition for good. 

The following article by occupationaltherapychildren shed light on some of the leading sensory integration therapy. 


Sensory experiences include touch, movement, body awareness, sight, sound, smell, taste, and the pull of gravity. The process of the brain organizing and interpreting this information is called Sensory Integration. Sensory Integration (SI) provides a crucial foundation for laterRead more here.

The above article has likely helped you understand what Sensory integration therapy is all about, as some ways to address. It has also shown that the nature of the condition may vary from kid to kid. If you still have questions or want to learn more about these treatment therapies, then you should read the next article carefully. 

The following article by Healthychildren answers some frequently asked questions about Sensory Integration therapy. 

Sensory Integration Therapy

Sensory integration is a term that has been used to describe processes in the brain that allow us to take the information we receive from our 5 senses, organize it, and respond appropriately. We also have a vestibular sense (balance) that tells us how to position our bodies and heads– Read more here.

You definitely now have a clear picture of some of the leading methods, as well as some alternative ways to control sensory integration disorder in kids. You also now know the answers to some popular questions about SPD disorder in children with Autism and ADHD. Do well to consult a professional if you still have questions. 

Final note 

Sensory processing integration is a limiting condition that not only retards the performance of kids but also makes it difficult for them to process and respond appropriately to the information gleaned from their senses. 

To address the condition effectively, parents must learn as much as they can about it. Granted, doing this might be difficult, but it will prevent them from being swayed by some of the misleading information about the condition on the internet. 

Even more, it will help them narrow down the best treatment therapy to address it for good. 

Effective Methods to Improve Your Child’s Listening Skills

Are you having a hard time getting your little one to listen to you? Do you want to turn things around and make him more attentive and focused? If yes, you are not alone. You see, there are many parents in Singapore who want the exact same thing. Many of them have tried different strategies and techniques to improve child listening skills. Sadly, many of them didn’t get the results that they so badly desire. 

If you are in this boat, you are going to benefit from this article as it unveils some effective tips that can help your child become a better listener. Keep in mind that these tips will not make your child improve overnight. So don’t try to rush things. Instead, focus on one or two tips for children listening skills and don’t move on until your child gets the hang of it. 

The following article by Dr. Priscilla J S Selvaraj shed light on some tried and tested tips that can improve the listening skill of any child. 

4 Tips To Improve Your Child’s Listening Skills

Your primary schooler’s continuous chatter might impress you. But, when she finds it difficult to focus on what is being told to her, it would certainly worry you, wouldn’t it? Well, you need to remember that it is essential to hone her listening skills. Read more here

The above article has certainly given you insights on how to make your child a better listener without stressing yourself out. It has also brought to light some types of listening you probably didn’t know of. Learning more about each of them will go a long way in helping you understand how to make him a better listener. 

The following article by Centerforparentingeducation discusses some intricate things about one of the most important types of listening. 


As children go through their day, they experience many moments of exhilaration and frustration. Often the quality of your day can feel tied to your children’s roller-coaster of emotions. One way that you can keep yourself on an even ride is to learn how to steady their ups-and-downs. Read more here

You likely now know some importance of active listening, and why you should pay attention to what your child says. You also now know some easy ways you can practice active listening with your kids, as well as some challenges you may come along the way. Want to learn how to scale through them and ultimately improve your child’s listening skills? If yes, the next article is for you. 

The following article by Theschoolrun sheds light on a proven way to help your child become a better listener. 

Improving your child’s listening skills

We all have moments when trying to get our children’s attention feels like talking to a brick wall. At home, this inability to listen can be infuriating – and at school, it could be getting in the way of their learningRead more here.

The above article has certainly brought to light some reasons why you should keep working hard to improve your child’s listening skills. It has also armed you with some effective tips and techniques that have helped countless parents in Singapore and other parts of the world become a better listener. 

Final note 

See, the importance of improving your child’s listening skills should be your top priority as a parent. The reason for this is that, kids with strong listening skills can write, read, and speak better. Even more, they can communicate and express their thoughts easily. 

Now is the time to take action and start implementing the tips, strategies, and techniques you gleaned from this article. And as previously mentioned, these tips aren’t going to work overnight. So be patient with your child and be consistent in your efforts. 

How to Improve Your Child’s Motor Skill

If your child’s motor skills develop well and fast, they will start doing some things on their own instead of depending on you for almost everything. At that time you will experience freedom for having to care for their every need every day. You wouldn’t have to open the door for them every time or help them pick up their toys, or help them wear their underwear.

Here, we will look at some great ideas of what you can do as a parent in helping your child’s motor skills development.

This following article by Amanda Rock explains the kind of toys we can buy for your children.

Buy as many Educative Toys as You Can Afford

In helping your toddlers develop their motor coordination well, it is good to give them the resources needed. These educational toys might include Legos through which they can stack them on top of each other in building a house or different kinds of animals or even form shapes.

The toys can also include alphabets and numbers through which they can learn the numbering system in addition to what they were taught at school. Read more here.

Buy Toys That Help Exercise Their Grasp

There are some toys that will help your kids pick up small items using their thumb, middle finger, and their forefinger. The more they bend down to pick these toys up, the more they train the muscles in their wrists and hands to pick up times. Some toys that have switches, dials, or knobs are a great place to start.

This following section by Understood outline some acticities such kids are fond of.

Be Patient When They Spill Things

Even though filling up a can with materials and spilling it for fun right after can be messy and irritating, you can take advantage of this act by allowing them to do these. It has been observed that kids concentrate better and reason faster along these lines, helping them to build their cognitive abilities. When they stoop low to pick things and rise up their muscles are put to use and are gradually built up. They love to play with the sand or look for lost toys, all contributing to their mental development. Read more here.

Encourage them to use their hands

Most of the time kids’ play around, they play with both of their hands. You don’t need to get annoyed every time they play around because that way they build their dexterity- an important part of their developments. It will be beneficial later in life as they learn skills like typing and lifting heavy objects- all because they have mastered how to use both hands.

Parenting for Brain here recommends some words of commendation for your child.

Commend them even if they make a mess

Sometimes kids can really annoy parents by doing some very nasty things all in the name of playing. Instead of snapping at them or yelling, why not try to commend them for what they did.  You can say something like “wow! This is amazing my dear. How did you do it?” Then watch as your child opens up and tell you things that interest them. This could well be all worth it as you can even see areas where you can be of assistance the more. Read more here.

How Preschool Is Reshaping The Future of Kids

How Preschool Is Reshaping The Future of Kids

Education has always remained a key tool in fine-tuning the destinies of people. From how they think to how they can become useful in impacting economy, one’s educational capacity can be highly crucial. But recent surveys have reiterated the fact that kids do not necessarily have to wait until they become old before they can equip themselves with the needed resources. That is why preschools have become highly recognized in most places around the world, including Singapore.

Preschool or child care Singapore can be a confusing affair, but if you can narrow down what your preferences are, you will find that Chiltern House will fit most of the criteria for an excellent child care center in Singapore. Check out their site here today.

There are a myriad of ways through which sending a child to preschool can be of help in the future. To get us started on this conversation would be our guest author from

Stimulating Learning Pods and Playgrounds

A lot of us are quick to restrict knowledge acquisition to the regular and old-fashioned methods of learning. While those learning methods are all good, new scientific discoveries have unveiled other more effective methods. One of which is what this author is about to intimate us with.

Our state-of-the art, purpose-built Kindergarten facilities are designed specifically to support play-based learning. At our Lakeside campus, classrooms are organized around stimulating ‘learning pods’ (large, open learning spaces), where teachers can set up hands-on learning centers. Dedicated outdoor play areas include an early years’…Read more here!

Creative Play has become an effective learning tool for kids, as reportedly stated by a team of educational researchers. If you were, however, only familiar with the normal traditional learning methods, then it is normal if this is possible. Play-based learning has its own unique way of switching on specific learning skills in kids.

Thankfully, preschools are aware of this fact and they are equipping their environment with the best of these play kits. Those who eventually turn out as the smartest kids are those who are never limited in their learning abilities. Apart from play-learning, there are other ways you can optimize the learning potentials of a child by getting them involved in preschools.

Improved Social Skills

The easier it is for a kid to socialize, the better their chances of learning from others. In this technology driven era, kids who do not socialize will only be doing themselves more harm than good. will be glad to lead the way in this section:

Improved social skills: Children learn to engage better with other children and adults. The preschool environment allows children to acquire vital skills that allow them to listen to others and express their own ideas, make friends, share, cooperate, and become accountable for their actions. Read more here!

Learning is all about interaction. And with the right social skills, kids find it easier to get themselves equipped with the right knowledge. Preschool environments are meant to enhance their learning, speaking as well as other types of skills. There, they equally learn how to become effective team members.

When kids grow up with adequate socializing skills they never find it difficult to do things with others whenever necessary. They can effortlessly plug into any situation and contribute their quota. Fortunately, that is what developing any organization is built around. Now you know how useful these schools are.

What’s Usually Covered?

Perhaps, you are beginning to welcome the idea of having your kid enrolled in a preschool, but you still want to find out a few things. Well, this next piece will be giving you an idea of what is taught in such places. Here is what discovered in this regard:

Because preschools are not governed by the standards that apply to K-12 education, individual schools and groups of schools have the freedom to teach what they please in the manner they prefer. For example, preschools located in religious institutions may include religious education in their curriculum. Montessori preschools use specific…Read more here!

One of the messages the writer is struggling to push across is that schools are very flexible when it comes to preschool and learning curriculum. They lack a standard guide that they must all adhere to, so they teach their preschoolers based on whatever they feel is best for them.

As it has been listed in the link above, they teach from colors, to numbers, shapes and many other things that can help develop a child’ mind in the right direction. In view of all these added knowledge, you can clearly see that preschools are established to boost a child’ learning skills from their very tender age.

Why Kindergarten Is Necessary To Get Ahead For The Preschooler

Most kids are expected to attend kindergarten to prepare them for the vagaries of school life. Let us look at why kindergarten is necessary for the preschooler.

If you are looking for a holistic kindergarten education for your child, do consider Chiltern House Singapore Kindergarten. They have engaging activities to grow your child, and have good facilities to support your child. Do visit their website above.

In kindergarten, kids are taught the basic like the letters of the alphabet, numbers, reading, some writing, math, and science. The details are not at too much for the little ones to be burdened. It provides them with a way to think and to reason as they are posed with certain stories, nursery rhymes, some problem solving with simple math, a little bit of science, based on the needs of the children.

Social Skills
Learning to make friends is never an easy task especially for an only child not used to divided attention from the elders. In kindergarten, s/he learns to break down barriers and respond or befriend classmates. Teachers also encourage group sessions in the classroom where kids are required to converse with their classmates as they come up with answers to the questions posed by the educator. By pitching one group or a number of groups against each other, the competitive bug kicks in and kids enjoy this like crazy.

Holistic Learning
At the kindergarten in Singapore, the additional thought goes into the material necessary for the pedagogy. The holistic experience makes kids better students as they do not have to keep on with coursework all the time. By ensuring that they have a smattering of education to whet their brain and other aspects of the learning curve they improve their holistic knowledge. One of the foremost ways that many schools use is including exercise in the open spaces. By encouraging kids to take in nature and all her beauty, they revel in flora and some fauna. In addition, they also exercise their muscles and improve brain power – the mind and body work in tandem.

Having read until this point, we hope that you have realised that kindergarten is not a trivial period for your child, and you should pay utmost attention to the quality of kindergarten you intend to send him/her to. Check out Chiltern House review
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The advantage of kindergarten is to ensure that children get used to structure and discipline as they ready themselves for school. The learning experience is not only in the classroom with a forward-thinking school. Given the fact that the methodology is to inculcate a love of learning, some sport, and including tolerance as a foremost objective in kindergarten, kids will be a prepped to move ahead.

In a Nutshell
The points cited above are indeed valuable as they prove that as a way forward in the education and overall development of a child (brain and brawn), kindergarten hones her/his way forward.

Get Your Child Reading in Preschool

Reading plays a very important role in the child’s life thus it is important that they start learning to read right from an early age. Parents nowadays have also realized how important it is for their child to read and hence are often asking teachers of preschools in Singapore for tips that can help their kids learn to read more.

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Here are a few great tips to help you get your child reading in preschool.

Teaching your child will only help the child

It is often believed that trying to teach the child something at an early age can be harmful. However, when it comes to reading this can only help the child do well later in life. In the beginning, the parent should read to the child and then they can encourage the child to read a few lines.

Teaching literacy is similar to teaching other skills

You don’t need to be very well educated in order to teach your kids to read. Parents are often able to teach their kids to eat the food themselves, they teach them to ride the bike, in the same way, they can also teach them to read.

Talk to the child

Talking a lot to the child can help them learn the language better. The better they hear it the better they will be able to recognize and learn new words and phrases.

Read to the kids

You should read often and read a lot. You can start reading to your kids right from the day that they are born and sooner or later they will be able to recognize the pictures and associate it with the story this is the first steps of teaching the child to read.

Ask your child to tell you a story

By telling stories you will peak their interest in the world of imagination which will help them with their reading skills.

Listen to them read

When the child is old enough to read it can be very encouraging to them when you sit and listen to what they are reading. This way you can also subtlely correct them any time they make a mistake with a word.

Promote writing

Reading and writing always goes hand in hand, the more your child reads the better writing skills they will have so it is best to encourage them to write at the same time.

Most preschool education in Singapore institutions know the importance of reading and encourage the child to read in school as well.

How and Where to Send Your Child for a Daycare?

Although sending your child to a daycare center can definitely be a tough decision, it can greatly benefit him or her and the rest of the family. You might have some issues in child care at home and allow a child care center to resolve them can be your best option. Here, your child will be able to interact with their teachers and with the other children. Just be certain to entrust the care of your child to an institution with the best and high-quality facilities.

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Placing your child in a child care centre offers tips on selecting the right child care center as well as some recommendations on how to help him or her cope and adjust to the new environment.

“If you have to put your child at the child care centre, it is important that you choose the right one for him/her. Here are some tips to help you.

 Selecting a child care centre

For some working parents, there may come a time when you have to consider placing your child in a child care centre if you have no alternative childcare arrangements. Child care would be a new experience for your child and may require some getting used to. Children benefit from the ample socializing opportunities a child care centre provides.  

Child care centres provide child care services and pre-school developmental programmes for children aged between 18 months and below 7 years old. Centres may offer full-day, half-day and flexible programmes to cater to the different working schedules of parents.
Generally, they are open from 7am-7pm on weekdays and 7am -2pm on Saturdays. Some centres have flexible programmes for parents who work part-time or flexible hours.  

Child care centres were licensed by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), but have come under the oversight of the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) since 1st April 2013.

Centres are required to meet acceptable standards of health, safety, nutrition and hygiene measures. Centres must also provide age and developmentally appropriate activities to stimulate a child’s mental, physical and social development. ” Read more here.

As mentioned in the article, you have to choose the child care center that will cater to the needs of your young one. You also have a great role in aiding him/her in coping with and adjusting to the place and people he/she will spend time with. Preparation for the experience, accompaniment, separation anxiety and transition management, and adjustment time are the key to his/her development and growth in the center.

In Singapore, there might be confusion whether to place your child in a daycare center or enroll him or her in a preschool or kindergarten. Know the difference between these two types of childhood education institution for your child’s proper placement.


Preschool or Kindergarten: which should you choose?

Young Parents discusses how preschools differ from kindergartens to get an idea where to properly place your child for childhood education.

“What is preschool?

So your little one is ready for preschool, but you’re not quite sure where to enrol him. Should he be placed in infant care or childcare? Or should he attend a kindergarten or a preschool?

Before you decide, it’s important to understand their differences. That way, you’ll figure out what level and quality of education he needs at this early age.

“Preschool” is an all-encompassing term; it is used to describe any institution that provides early childhood care and education. Depending on Junior’s age, childcare and educational needs, and your budget and working status, you can send him to infant care, childcare or kindergarten.” Read more here.

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10 Pre-school Programs In Singapore

Once you have chosen the institution as to which you think is best for your child, you should also need to know the programs being offered by your shortlisted preschool options. This will even help you make the final decision where to enroll your son or daughter. Know what programs are in store for your child at a certain preschool. Meiling Wong from Universal Scribbles writes on this.

“What preschool program do you want to enrol your child in?

Ok, so your little one is now ready for school.  Before you enrol him/her in any school, you have to decide what type of informal education you want your child to have before he/she enters primary school (formal education). Then you have to decide on your budget, proximity to home/work and the chemistry match between the school and your child. Other considerations like whether your child will enter the local school system or be enrolled in the international schools also factor in.” Read more here!

With the above information, you will now have an idea where to place your child while you are away. Make sure your chosen institution is one that can be trusted.

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