Get Your Child Reading in Preschool

Reading plays a very important role in the child’s life thus it is important that they start learning to read right from an early age. Parents nowadays have also realized how important it is for their child to read and hence are often asking teachers of preschools in Singapore for tips that can help their kids learn to read more.

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Here are a few great tips to help you get your child reading in preschool.

Teaching your child will only help the child

It is often believed that trying to teach the child something at an early age can be harmful. However, when it comes to reading this can only help the child do well later in life. In the beginning, the parent should read to the child and then they can encourage the child to read a few lines.

Teaching literacy is similar to teaching other skills

You don’t need to be very well educated in order to teach your kids to read. Parents are often able to teach their kids to eat the food themselves, they teach them to ride the bike, in the same way, they can also teach them to read.

Talk to the child

Talking a lot to the child can help them learn the language better. The better they hear it the better they will be able to recognize and learn new words and phrases.

Read to the kids

You should read often and read a lot. You can start reading to your kids right from the day that they are born and sooner or later they will be able to recognize the pictures and associate it with the story this is the first steps of teaching the child to read.

Ask your child to tell you a story

By telling stories you will peak their interest in the world of imagination which will help them with their reading skills.

Listen to them read

When the child is old enough to read it can be very encouraging to them when you sit and listen to what they are reading. This way you can also subtlely correct them any time they make a mistake with a word.

Promote writing

Reading and writing always goes hand in hand, the more your child reads the better writing skills they will have so it is best to encourage them to write at the same time.

Most preschool education in Singapore institutions know the importance of reading and encourage the child to read in school as well.