How and Where to Send Your Child for a Daycare?

Although sending your child to a daycare center can definitely be a tough decision, it can greatly benefit him or her and the rest of the family. You might have some issues in child care at home and allow a child care center to resolve them can be your best option. Here, your child will be able to interact with their teachers and with the other children. Just be certain to entrust the care of your child to an institution with the best and high-quality facilities.

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Placing your child in a child care centre offers tips on selecting the right child care center as well as some recommendations on how to help him or her cope and adjust to the new environment.

“If you have to put your child at the child care centre, it is important that you choose the right one for him/her. Here are some tips to help you.

 Selecting a child care centre

For some working parents, there may come a time when you have to consider placing your child in a child care centre if you have no alternative childcare arrangements. Child care would be a new experience for your child and may require some getting used to. Children benefit from the ample socializing opportunities a child care centre provides.  

Child care centres provide child care services and pre-school developmental programmes for children aged between 18 months and below 7 years old. Centres may offer full-day, half-day and flexible programmes to cater to the different working schedules of parents.
Generally, they are open from 7am-7pm on weekdays and 7am -2pm on Saturdays. Some centres have flexible programmes for parents who work part-time or flexible hours.  

Child care centres were licensed by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), but have come under the oversight of the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) since 1st April 2013.

Centres are required to meet acceptable standards of health, safety, nutrition and hygiene measures. Centres must also provide age and developmentally appropriate activities to stimulate a child’s mental, physical and social development. ” Read more here.

As mentioned in the article, you have to choose the child care center that will cater to the needs of your young one. You also have a great role in aiding him/her in coping with and adjusting to the place and people he/she will spend time with. Preparation for the experience, accompaniment, separation anxiety and transition management, and adjustment time are the key to his/her development and growth in the center.

In Singapore, there might be confusion whether to place your child in a daycare center or enroll him or her in a preschool or kindergarten. Know the difference between these two types of childhood education institution for your child’s proper placement.


Preschool or Kindergarten: which should you choose?

Young Parents discusses how preschools differ from kindergartens to get an idea where to properly place your child for childhood education.

“What is preschool?

So your little one is ready for preschool, but you’re not quite sure where to enrol him. Should he be placed in infant care or childcare? Or should he attend a kindergarten or a preschool?

Before you decide, it’s important to understand their differences. That way, you’ll figure out what level and quality of education he needs at this early age.

“Preschool” is an all-encompassing term; it is used to describe any institution that provides early childhood care and education. Depending on Junior’s age, childcare and educational needs, and your budget and working status, you can send him to infant care, childcare or kindergarten.” Read more here.

If you are looking for a good preschool to send your child to, do consider Chiltern House Thomson as they not only have a good curriculum in place, but also have good facilities to support your child’s growth. You should not pass them over if you are serious about giving your child that early life advantage.

10 Pre-school Programs In Singapore

Once you have chosen the institution as to which you think is best for your child, you should also need to know the programs being offered by your shortlisted preschool options. This will even help you make the final decision where to enroll your son or daughter. Know what programs are in store for your child at a certain preschool. Meiling Wong from Universal Scribbles writes on this.

“What preschool program do you want to enrol your child in?

Ok, so your little one is now ready for school.  Before you enrol him/her in any school, you have to decide what type of informal education you want your child to have before he/she enters primary school (formal education). Then you have to decide on your budget, proximity to home/work and the chemistry match between the school and your child. Other considerations like whether your child will enter the local school system or be enrolled in the international schools also factor in.” Read more here!

With the above information, you will now have an idea where to place your child while you are away. Make sure your chosen institution is one that can be trusted.