How to Improve Your Child’s Motor Skill

If your child’s motor skills develop well and fast, they will start doing some things on their own instead of depending on you for almost everything. At that time you will experience freedom for having to care for their every need every day. You wouldn’t have to open the door for them every time or help them pick up their toys, or help them wear their underwear.

Here, we will look at some great ideas of what you can do as a parent in helping your child’s motor skills development.

This following article by Amanda Rock explains the kind of toys we can buy for your children.

Buy as many Educative Toys as You Can Afford

In helping your toddlers develop their motor coordination well, it is good to give them the resources needed. These educational toys might include Legos through which they can stack them on top of each other in building a house or different kinds of animals or even form shapes.

The toys can also include alphabets and numbers through which they can learn the numbering system in addition to what they were taught at school. Read more here.

Buy Toys That Help Exercise Their Grasp

There are some toys that will help your kids pick up small items using their thumb, middle finger, and their forefinger. The more they bend down to pick these toys up, the more they train the muscles in their wrists and hands to pick up times. Some toys that have switches, dials, or knobs are a great place to start.

This following section by Understood outline some acticities such kids are fond of.

Be Patient When They Spill Things

Even though filling up a can with materials and spilling it for fun right after can be messy and irritating, you can take advantage of this act by allowing them to do these. It has been observed that kids concentrate better and reason faster along these lines, helping them to build their cognitive abilities. When they stoop low to pick things and rise up their muscles are put to use and are gradually built up. They love to play with the sand or look for lost toys, all contributing to their mental development. Read more here.

Encourage them to use their hands

Most of the time kids’ play around, they play with both of their hands. You don’t need to get annoyed every time they play around because that way they build their dexterity- an important part of their developments. It will be beneficial later in life as they learn skills like typing and lifting heavy objects- all because they have mastered how to use both hands.

Parenting for Brain here recommends some words of commendation for your child.

Commend them even if they make a mess

Sometimes kids can really annoy parents by doing some very nasty things all in the name of playing. Instead of snapping at them or yelling, why not try to commend them for what they did.  You can say something like “wow! This is amazing my dear. How did you do it?” Then watch as your child opens up and tell you things that interest them. This could well be all worth it as you can even see areas where you can be of assistance the more. Read more here.