Toddler Classes and Online Learning for Young Children in Singapore

In the current situation of Covid-19, the overall dynamics of the world have changed. The impact is also on the schools and study pattern of kids. Parents of toddlers who planned to enroll their kids in best schools are also worried and looking for some online options to keep their kids busy and enhance their learning while staying home.

This article will share some of the online programs and classes for toddlers that are readily available in Singapore.

Make your own wonderland with Arts

If your child in interested in art and designs and look to draw different things, then e art classes are what you should look for. The live session which is comprised of 3 weeks is an excellent mean to learn different concepts of arts. They also get a chance to learn wet on dry as well as wet on wet techniques with the help of state of the art artists. The overall cost of the program also varies depending upon the concept learnt during this time. These courses are best suited for kids of age 5 years to 12 years old.

Learn lessons through Livestreaming

If you want to enrol your child in proper book learning, then live streaming is what you should be looking for. During current situation, these online centres are good means to keep kids aware of learning followed with worksheets to reinforce concepts. The questions and curriculum is as per the skill set of students and develop cognitive strengths of kids.

Music for Intelligent Minds

This program is specially designed to enhance overall brain activity. With the richness of music, kids of age 1 to 7 years explore and learn different activities involving drama, theatre, playing guitar, vocals, violin and other musical instruments. Such activities are good for encouraging brain functionality of kids.

Learn Coding Online

Online coding classes are also good means to learn technology and teaching behind coding animations and games. While staying home, kids get a chance to learn with live videoconferencing with talented and expert teachers and tutors.

Be Sporty while staying home

If your child is full of energy and you want to use that energy in healthy manner, then get them enrolled in online karate, rugby and basketball programs. These classes are not just for toddlers, your entire family can learn and play online.

Learn Different Languages at home

Language learning is always a fun activity for kids and elders. If you want your child to be multilingual, then get them admitted in online language learning courses and classes for toddlers. In Singapore, some renowned organizations are offering online special programs for learning different languages, like Chinese, English, Germans and French. Learning different languages increase the chances of interaction with variety of people and also enhance their overall skills and abilities.

There are different concepts and course being run by different organizations. In today’s situation of pandemic, no one is certain as what the overall world situation would be. It is not even sure as when schools will open and when kids will start going to school. Thus, online courses and schools are what people will be looking forward to for their toddlers in Singapore and all across the globe.