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  • Medal Of Homer

    Medal Of Homer

    Medal of Homer September 5, 2007 Medal of Honor Allied Assault – Operation Overlord 1/5 Your eyes might take a few seconds to adjust to the shock, but they’re not lying to you: The new Simpsons game looks great. No one expects much out of Simpsons-based games for two reasons: First, the family has yellow skin and bug eyes, which means animation buffs have never held Bart to the same standards as Simba or Mulan. Second, there have been many [...]

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  • Girl’s Stupid Tattoo

    Girl’s Stupid Tattoo

    Girl’s Stupid Tattoo December 13, 2007 GIRL GETS STUPID TATTOO (8.27.10 – Day 484) p>Let this video stand as a cautionary tale. The moral of this story is that tattoo artists are assholes, but you should know what you’re having permanently etched into your skin before you become the laughing stock of the world’s most populous nation.

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  • Rocking The Ukulele

    Rocking The Ukulele

    Rocking the Ukulele August 29, 2007 Mt. Roskill Primary School Rockin' their Ukuleles to Uni and her Ukelele's "I'm On My Way"   And there’s much more where that came from: Ukulele cabaret is a regular event with a devoted following at Jimmy’s 43, located on New York City’s lower east side. You can’t find plenty more videos of uke fun at their website.

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  • Medal Of Homer
  • Girl’s Stupid Tattoo
  • Rocking The Ukulele

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Featured News

    The Super in Super Bowl

    Sport is an aspect of everyday life that simply has used all tuned in. From staying fit to hoping to be the best athlete possible, everyone has some sort of inclination to be in a sport, to be in a competition. From physically superior individuals to the physically challenged, all of us have sports engrained into our subconscious. Our basic survival instincts simply translate to competition in everyday life. That is the reason why the sports world in modern times is a billion dollar industry.

    Take the Super Bowl for Example

    Two teams composed of men that have trained almost all year to get to that one single moment of possible glorification, to compete and be the super bowl champion. That simply is a sight to see, when people that dedicate themselves to their craft as hard as they do put the finished product on display, it simply is a time to take sides, smell the tension in the air and place a superbowl bet and then… enjoy!

    The modern world also gives sports more entertaining value and the super bowl is a game which is in a league of its own. If you have ever been to one, you will notice the difference. Fans are a little more ruckus, players are above being prepared and ready and the tailgating outside seem to be thicker and louder.

    Inside the arena, sponsors and marketing materials are at a maximum by elite products and companies. The action never stops even when its halftime because another type of elite talent will be performing and entertaining on stage for the thousands in attendance and millions watching at home. It may be Beyonce this year or Madonna the years before but whomever it is, it sure will be like a mini concert smacked down in the middle of a superb display of athletic talent. It does not get any more super than that.

    Beautiful Teeth: Key to a Happy Life

    Laughter is the best medicine. Some highly critical person can refute this statement with ease but for normal people who think straight without complicating simple things find this statement true. For me, this is really true. I did not just conclude that this is true because lots of people are saying it, but because I experienced it myself. I am a kind of person who doesn’t worry much. I realized that every person must see the positive side of life for them to adapt and survive in this very cruel world.

    No matter how hard life is, you must take time to laugh or even just smile sometimes. Your smile would be better if you have a good set of teeth. If teeth are the problem, then cosmetic dentist is the solution. I have read one article that encourages everyone to put a smile on. It says that even a fake smile can change your mood the whole day. The researchers said that every time you smile, there are specific muscles in your face that are extended which sends a signal to our mind that we are happy and then the mind releases a hormone that could make your blood circulation better which results to relaxed individual. Magic as it may seem but it’s true. Being happy is a choice, no matter what the situation is, take time to smile and if you have a chance, laugh it out loud.

    Redefining Leadership

    Leadership is a very sensitive and one of the most misused words in the world today. Many claim to be leaders but no one follows them. Politicians claim to be leaders. Not to be bias, most of the politicians today claim that they are our leader. Well, they may be leading, but not all of them lead the people to right way. Others use their power to take advantage in gaining more wealth or power for themselves.

    Leadership is a function. Don’t ever think about it as a position because if you do, you’ll be misguided. Leader’s primary function is to lead people into the fulfillment of their potential. It is your leader who corrects you when you have done wrong, but not to the point of humiliating you. They are there to help you when you’re down. They do serve to the best of their ability without the having a personal gain.

    A leader’s job is very stressful. They do carry the burden of people they are leading. Leadership is always associated with headaches. If you are experiencing some painful situation like headaches visit here. Leaders are modern heroes, we just see it because human as we are, we don’t want anybody to dictate us.

  • Interesting Psychological Facts

    Are you a happy person? Naturally person can blend with another person so easily. It just normal for them to make friends even with those people they just met. Being this kind of person has something to do with our personality. Psychologists are working on experiments about how people respond to its environment. One of the best environments to discover yourself is staying in a room alone. It may be in one of the rooms of hotel di jakarta. Psychology is defined as an applied and academic discipline that is concerned with the study of mental behaviors and functions. It is also part of their job to study about someone’s personality.

    There are some interesting facts that psychologists have discovered and published through various experiments that they have conducted. When you find out some of their findings, you really can’t help yourself but be amazed. Here are some of the facts that they have gathered:

    • Men say around 12,500 words per day, women speak around 22,000.
    • We forget 90% of what we dream about.
    • Having a pet teaches you how to strengthen relationships.
    • Laughing lowers levels of stress hormones and strengthens the immune system. Adults only laugh 15 to 100 times a day.
    • Happiness is contagious.

    There are lot more facts that psychologists have discovered. Reading these facts makes you wonder and then smile even if you are alone in a room.

    The Benefits of Playing Sport Activities

    Most of the people love to play sport activities. Be it ball events or mind games, most of them would prefer spending their time engaging into these kinds of activities. It depends on the preference and the favorite sport of each individual. Be it basketball, volleyball or golf, they sure would allot adequate time to participate on these sport recreations. It gives them the chance to unwind and to relax from the hustles of their work and studies.

    Playing sport events has a lot of benefits especially in the physical aspect. It is a great form of exercise rather than spending your time and effort in gyms and body centers. It improves your agility and strength, increasing one’s endurance and speed in doing corporeal activities. It toughens our bones and amplifies our muscle tone and shape. On the other side, it can develop your critical thinking and logical abilities; thus, enhancing your intelligence and analytical skills.

    Not only that, most sports enthusiasts would also prefer watching their favorite sports teams in the comfort of their own televisions. One great example is for Basketball and Football fanatics. They would surely love witnessing the nfl draft or nba seasons especially when the winning team is their favorite group.

    Laughter Brought by Watching Fun Videos

    Despite how busy we are today, it is still best to sit back and relax while talking to our pals and friends. It would be even more enjoyable if we were going to share the laughter while watching funny videos. There are instances where sadness took over our system for a certain moment, but I believe that this sad feeling will never be there for a long period.

    Technology has granted us new things that we can enjoy and utilize any time we want to. Videos are available over the internet. These videos come in different genres, but the most popular of all is the funny video. It is such a happy feeling when you watch these stuffs for a couple of hours and laugh until you drop.

    There are limitless opportunities that can bring joy to our lives, and one of it is when we accomplish and be excellent on our field of choice like media training. There are many advantages of media training that can be seen on funny videos too so better check it out.

  • Want to become the Next Fashion Model

    Do you want to become famous fashion-setter all over the world? Well, it is good news for you because you can be discovered and become the next top model in town. How? It is just easy. By making use of the internet, there are many ways you can do to achieve it.

    One is to create a blog site on your own with your pictures on different pose and apparels. Of course, you need to wear those fashion items of today like no holes belt, lace and collar dress, and cute shorts or skirts. Also, you can have a personalize fashion trend giving a unique touch on your style. Just ensure that it will not look exaggerated making it displeasing to see.

    Next is to post your pictures on credible and popular fashion sites that are welcoming newbie models. This way, there is a greater chance to be known by many. From co-fashion aspirants, models or fashion icons to companies and fashion magazine people. Lastly, you can post videos like in this site or other websites that will possibly offer an opportunity for you to become popular.

    All the things mention above are truly effective. I have a lot of friends who use these options which have already become a great magazine model and endorsers in different brands of apparels.  I know at first it will not be easy but with perseverance and if it’s really your passion, the day will come that you will be a star. Just believe in yourself!

    Fun Facts about Animals that will Truly Amaze You

    Are you a person who is fun of reading? Well, do you want learn interesting facts that can give you additional knowledge? Then, I will impart to you some of fun facts which not majority of people know. You can then share it your friends, and for sure they will be amazed with this info.

    There are many categories, but I will focus on animals. After reading, try to discover it by yourself if it is really true. For sure, you be laughing once it is proven right.

    -The crocodile can’t actually stick its tongue out. They can’t even move their tongue or chew.

    -The heart of a shrimp is in its head.

    -It is not possible for pigs to look up to the sky.

    -Animals like horses and rats don’t vomit.

    -For just 1 year and 6 months, the two rats could have more than a million offspring.

    -The quack of a duck doesn’t actually echo. Up until today, there are still no explanations why.

    -Majority of the lipsticks consists of fish scales.

    -Rabbits and guinea pigs never sweat.

    There are theories that tell us that we, humans came from animals. So for people especially men, going here will give you a fun guide to get to know women and what’s usually on their mind in every situation. Vin dicarlo pandoras box review can give you evidence if this is really true or not.

    Unleashing the Power Within Through Fun Videos

    Every one of us has hidden talent of being psychic, that’s why our intuition on certain things sometimes pushed us. But there really are people who have extra sensory perception that can see and feel things beyond normal. This ability caused other to be afraid of having it with them, but must have realized that it’s really a gift that needs to be developed.

    Developing such ability can be very fulfilling. There are lots of fun videos over the net that can help anyone in unleashing the psychic powers anyone possessed. Fun videos includes clairvoyant IQ test, fun telepathy test, numerology test, and psychic love bumps. There are also some fun videos like funny past life test to discover your past life. Although a lot of people believe it, it’s just for fun; it shouldn’t be taken seriously. Funny instant Zen test is also a good video as this is really ridiculous but a helpful test that will give anyone an immediate enlightenment.

    Upon unraveling one’s gift through these videos, a person can then relate with everything about psychic readings online. And to understand better, read this post here.

  • Watching Unbelievable Accidents Uploaded Online

    When you watch videos about different accidents that take place all around the world, you cannot believe it would happen.  But accident is an accident, and nobody knows it would happen.

    Most accident videos uploaded on the internet give us a lesson that careless in any of our actions lead to accident and death. It made us aware that an accident can be avoided if we are careful and have some precautionary measures. Most accident that I have watched in the net is cause by road accidents.

    Some accident videos are funny to see. You can enjoy watching some of them here. Different reactions come out, and even others make some comments on the video. Anybody can upload video about such incidence.  It is not only heartbreaking videos, but it will surely give us a lesson to learn not to be careless.

    You can bring a video recorder all the time to have some collections and post it on the net. If you don’t have a video camera, you can purchase a new one. You don’t have to worry about cash to buy a video cam. Cash advance online can help your financial need. You just apply the cash advance loan online. The release is quicker and easier as well as no hassle. You will surely have a new video cam right away.

    How A Certain Kind of Video Can Help You

    In this modern world of us, we take advantage on the internet. Since the internet was introduced to the public, all of us never fail to rely on it when we are to find something especially specific information on diverse matters. As you can see, information can come in words and videos. Now, have you ever tried comparing the two? Certainly, it is much better to sit back and watch a video rather than try reading how many words of information.  Video tutorials perhaps, since you will be able to see and hear a human being conversing with you, you will have the chance to understand the whole information in just a single play! No playbacks required. Let me tell you another good thing about videos to be found online. What I liked the most is that these videos are for free; excellent, right?

    So now, if ever you are looking for videos or a video tutorial about monitoring your credits, try checking out free credit report gov. You will surely learn something from it.

    How To Make A Fun Video

    Several websites today including this page are famous for video sharing. Users can upload view and share their own videos. Regardless of what type of video it is, be it a fun video, music video, educational video or a video blog you can share it online. If you are one of those millions of people who are fond in making fun videos, then here are some steps to create a fun video.

    The first thing is you need to come up with a great idea that will surely hook the attention of many people. Next is to create a script. This way, you can ensure that you will never mumble in front of the camera. You also need to build your character. With this, you need to be spontaneous and extreme. For instance, you want to portray a role as a smoker. Of course, you need to research about it. So, you might need to read some reviews about that particular matter, and perhaps you want to include checking out some pages over the internet and including this website which tackles about Green smoke e-cigar. This way, it will help you get the best personality that you want to portray for your fun video. And the most important thing that you need to do is to enjoy and have fun in front of the camera.

  • The Convenience of Videos on Any Proposal

    When searching for anything online, a lot of search engines can best help you. By browsing through the web using any of these engines, you will be redirected to what you are searching for. Yahoo, Google and Bing are among those engines that are really visited most by a lot of people online. Through these web search engines, you can have all the information you need along with the images, pictures, and videos.

    In an instance that you look for a particular video or you really want to have a better representation of a certain subject, you can be directed by these engines to sites like here; a site where everything you want to know are being presented through videos.

    Videos are truly helpful as you look for ideas and recommendations on your search of anything. Let’s say you’re having an event and looking for a concept, you can visit any site that can give you the better representation of the whole thing; which can be made possible by the ideas using video footages.

    I once look for videos of bubbly ideas on parties and gigs, and amuse by being directed to a site of rave haven. The site is really impressive as it shows a lot of ideas on events that would really put on anyone’s energy to the next level. It offers a lot of ideas on parties, clothing, and highly innovative gadgets that suit a certain event.

    So when looking for up-to-the-minute events, happenings and ideas; better consider the effectiveness of videos for much understanding and representation.

    Videos as the Fastest Mode of Learning

    Nowadays, technology is gradually covering and influencing the whole world. Almost all things are made easier and convenient because of the products of technology. Even when it comes to learning new knowledge, old school methods like going in the actual class is necessary. However, these days, everything can be learned through the net.  Videos are the most excellent way of learning any topic quick and easy. A video is very useful as it does not only give out an audio wherein you will just listen to what is being said, rather there is also a visual presentation which is a real human trying to teach you something. This way, you will not have to enroll in a school and tire yourself in going in there and out. Everything can be done right at home and in your most preferred time.

    In case you want to learn about what’s new with technology or want to help other people with such, there are video tutorials available in the net. All you need to do is to search for it.

    Videos that Usually have a Lot of Views

    Nowadays, watching videos and movies online is the common ground of many people especially the new grown generation. Even kids prefer to use the internet in watching their favorite movies rather than seeing it on television. In my own experience, I have found out that there are certain video categories that have many likes and views. Many individuals from different age group give interest of these videos like the following:

    - Cartoon movies and comic series – Kids, teens and even adults spend their past time watching their loved cartoon shows or comic series such as Avengers, Spiderman, and the likes. The influence of viewing videos about these things is because of readable comics. Actually, it is better to read first the marvel stories before watching the movies for you to fully understand the story. You can click here to choose which comic stories you want to read.

    - Funny videos – Wherever site you go; funny videos usually have million views. Whether this is a compilation of funny accidents, jokes, humorous advertisements, and the likes, a lot of people really watch such. Like they say, laughter is the best medicine that is why many opt to watch it.

    - Scary or paranormal things – I’ve just notice that a lot of scary or paranormal videos have also a lot of viewers. Maybe because of curiosity whether it is true or not. Well, I don’t know what the reasons of others are but really, such videos are likewise a big hit online.

    - Life experience – Videos that illustrate the real scenarios and experiences of everyday life from heroic acts, inspiring stories to tragic circumstances are very popular as well. Some can even relate about the experiences while few have been moved about it that they share the video link to others.

    I know there are still other categories that I haven’t mentioned which garnered million views, but above things is what I usually encountered. Well, this is based on my experience because what I have listed is also my choice of videos I love to watch when I’m online.


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